My organization has several phones which I would like to setup for employee use. It appears that the Google Admin app has this functionality but requires a Google Cloud subscription.
If possible I would like to know what my alternatives are. I want to be able to manage what apps are installed on the devices and allow app installs but be able to at least monitor what is being installed allong with basic features as an admin.

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    If you want device management, you'll have to look at some type of Enterprise Mobility Management solution provider. Note that you may already have some path with your existing IT solution partner. – Morrison Chang Jan 5 at 20:17
  • I don't have an IT solution partner. We are a small company. I'd like to know what my options are. Yes, I'm looking for "full device management" of about 3 phones for now. Is there an app for that or do I need to go through Google and am I forced to pay them? – Joshua Robison Jan 5 at 20:29
  • I have no idea the cost involved but I was hoping it would be near free or around $5/month. We don't have a big budget here. – Joshua Robison Jan 5 at 20:39
  • I checked out some of those providers and it seems overwhelming. I just have a small company with 3 devices. Isn't there something in the play store I can use to govern my 3 devices but allow employees to use them? At first I tried parental control apps but they just barely miss the mark – Joshua Robison Jan 5 at 20:55
  • 1. Edit your post with your details as to why parental controls aren't enough. 2. Also Google Workspace for Business Starter does seem to have some basic mobile device management features, but check if the plan has the features you need. – Morrison Chang Jan 5 at 21:07

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