I have installed official Zoom app for my Motorola One / Android 10.0 to be able to join meetings directly from my mobile phone as an alternative to the regular PC connection.

However, I have each call very loud and I cannot control volume in any way:

  • I have both Media volume and Call volume set to 0 (mute?) and still can hear Zoom call's audio (and still can hear it very loudly)
  • Changing any of these two params does not change Zoom's volume even a tiny bit.

enter image description here

What am I missing? Is this some kind of bug? How should I control1 call volume in Zoom app for Android?

I understand (correct me, if I am wrong) that:

  • Call volume is specific to Phone app only and to an actual over-the-phone calls / cellular networks' calls
  • Media volume should control in-media volume of all apps so this would mandate (?) Zoom's in-app audio call's volume as well

If I am correct then the good question is, why any of these two working?

Of course, I have this problem in Zoom app only. Phone's volume buttons are working correctly. All other apps responds to Media volume correctly and I can control any other aspect related to volume in my phone without any problems. Zoom only seems to be the exception here.

1Note that I am talking about controlling / decreasing volume of Zoom calls. I am aware of this question and mine isn't a duplicate. I don't want to disable the Zoom meeting's totally (I know how to disconnect audio out of any Zoom meeting). I just want to make it a way, way lower. Because right now I have to keep my headphones on my chins, at least 5-10 cm from my ears to not get deaf.

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    Is it possible that you have an app running that provides a permanent transparent overlay on all apps that passes touches to the visible app but may be prevents Zoom app to correctly configure the volume keys (as it is not the top-most app)?
    – Robert
    Jan 14 '21 at 16:29
  • Such possibility exists. Zoom (in my case) is an office app, available in work profile in Android 10. I don't have issues with my apps in my private profile and I don't have any other audio-related app in my work profile, to test your theory though...
    – trejder
    Jan 15 '21 at 15:42

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