I have a Samsung Note 8 with Tmobile and put in the phone pin after startup (not sim pin) wrongly 3 times. I got a message saying - "pin blocked. Your pin has been blocked. To unlock your device, contact your service provider".

I had no access to any phone functions except 911 and SOS calls, so I reluctantly did a factory reset which seemed successful (i can hear Samsung voice prompts to set up phone), but i am still getting the screen with the message above and no access to the phone itself.

I have no idea what Android version i'm on but it cannot be older than Pie.

Any ideas??

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    No matter what you believe, your description clearly indicates you have entered wrong SIM PIN three times. remove locked SIM or unlock with PUK – alecxs Jan 15 at 7:26
  • @peterh-ReinstateMonica actually not sure about this. "contact your service provider" could also mean carrier lock. maybe OP has typed PIN for carrier unlock code three times. anyway the phone will work when SIM removed from sim tray – alecxs Jan 15 at 12:24

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