I have a LineageOS 17.1 system on Pocophone F1, unrooted. When I install an apk through USB using adb, adb not run as root, the app is installed both on my main admin user and on a secondary user on my phone. How do I force adb to only install the app for my main user only?


Mention the specific user as an argument for which the package is to be installed. Example:

adb install --user UID YOUR_APK
adb shell pm install --user UID YOUR_APK    # alternative command

UID for main/primary user is always 0.

Sidenote: in case of difficulty with an adb command, simply enter adb as the sole command. It would list help section.

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    Note to see what the UID of a user is, use adb shell pm list users – acejavelin Jan 19 at 20:55

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