I think that Motorola One can be considered a quite powerful phone with its octa-core 2.0 GHz Snapdragon 625 and 3 GB or RAM. It also produces a fairly small images of 4160x3120 pixels and approx. 3-5 MB in size. Based on that specs, I'd say that sharing image should be an instant experience.

Yet, in fact, it is a nightmare in my case:

  • attaching single image to Gmail (to share it via email) takes 20-30 seconds, sometimes more and often hangs Gmail itself for a moment (i.e. I can write an address or message content during adding of image) or permanently,
  • attaching image to Messages app (to share it via MMS message) takes 30-50 seconds or even more, often hangs Messages app and on a few rare occasions hanged entire phone.

Is there anything I can do about this except for uninstalling Gmail and Google Messages and start using another email and messages app?

BTW: We could say that my slow network (which is not slow) can be considered as a contributing factor in case of Gmail. But could it also explain MMS experience? Which has nearly nothing to do about data transfer over Internet during MMS message creation?

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    When you send the image via GMail does the recipient get the original image or ist it somehow processed (resized recompressed,...)? – Robert Jan 22 at 19:49
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  • @Robert No, neither I (sender) see any dialog asking me to resize image prior to sending it nor the recipient gets it modified. It is 1:1 / 100% exactly the same image as captured by my camera. There's no processing AFAIK. – trejder Jan 23 at 14:51
  • @AndrewT. I cannot answer you this question directly, because I am using orignal (stock) Messages app and Gmail on all brands and kinds of Motorolas that I've been using for years. However, I am pretty sure that this has nothing to do with downloading or network speed, because I have it quite fast. For example yesterday I managed to download and install two huge game updates (approx. 1 GB each) in just a few minutes. I have a stable approx. 30-50 Mbps upstream and downstream so downloading or uploading these images during share shouldn't be a problem. – trejder Jan 23 at 14:56
  • @trejder Why don't you just send an image top yourself and compare the files? That would be the easiest way to determine if the image is processed. – Robert Jan 23 at 16:38

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