Can I use Termux to send an app (APK file) via, e.g., adb push, from my unrooted Samsung Galaxy S10 phone to an unrooted Android 5.1.1 tablet via an OTG cable?

  • ok got it. your goal is 'adb backup -apk <pkgname>' on host, then adb push, switch host <-> client and 'adb restore backup.ab' all from within termux (ignoring apk is most likely not compatible between android versions), or unpacking backup.ab to get apk only – alecxs Jan 30 at 8:34
  • unfortunately 'adb start-server' requires root (at least for usb connection). once the connection is established it works without root permissions. is adb over wifi an option for you? github.com/MasterDevX/Termux-ADB – alecxs Jan 30 at 10:42
  • there is an app claiming to do this without root (did not work for me) github.com/KhunHtetzNaing/ADB-OTG – alecxs Jan 30 at 14:14
  • @alecxs wireless ADB should work. – Irfan Latif Jan 31 at 12:51
  • @IrfanLatif question is about OTG cable. i believe the API used in that apps is sufficient. only authorization is unclear to me. any idea on non-rooted device? after 'su -c ../usr/bin/adb -d start-server' in termux authorization dialog appears. once established adb works without root – alecxs Jan 31 at 13:00