I have Xiaomi Mi A2 and yesterday when I was using it, it started to restart continuously only loading the android one logo then crashing again. I've tried things like holding down power+voldown and power+volup to reach the safe boot, but the thing is that it restarts again before even loading it. I also though the power on button might be stuck so I've tried to click it through multiple times but does not seem so. I also tried removing SIMs. I did not install anything new in a long time. It discharged itself after multiple hours of repeated restarts.

Anyone has the same experience and would know what to do? Also is there a way to at least wipe the phone contents somehow before returning it to the shop?

  • Connect it to a charger. If that changes the restart behavior your battery is near death and has to be replaced. – Robert Jan 30 at 11:46
  • your power button stuck or is short circuited/wet – alecxs Jan 30 at 12:02
  • @Robert I tried that and it just kept restarting with low battery. I suppose battery should be OK then, but thanks for the idea. – eXPRESS Jan 30 at 13:02
  • @alecxs Hey I realise now that I indeed splashed a bit of my drink on it but I went and cleaned it and it worked like 20 minutes before this happened. Happened to me already multiple times and never really was an issue so I did not though of that as the spill was little. But I guess it could get somewhere and after further manipulation it could slide deeper into the device. Anyways, I tried to recharge it after like 15 hours so I would expect the water to dry out by now. I will probably try to wait longer and see if anything changes. Thanks for the idea. – eXPRESS Jan 30 at 13:02
  • @alecxs Thanks for the info. I might try to put the phone into uncooked rice (wrapped in paper towel) maybe that can speed things up. It should not make it worse at least. – eXPRESS Jan 30 at 15:51

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