I thought getting this info would be as easy as running old good iw with root but to my surprise it turns out even here Android manages to screw you and your expectations yet again. I've asked around in less tech-savvy communities but got no answer so you are my last resort, SE.

I'm looking to get detailed info about currently established connection. If it isnt obvious when I say detailed info I mean it, I don't care about basic primitive stuff like TX/RX, assumed speed, signal strength and network SSID name, I want to know current established and agreed upon IEEE capabilities between my phone interface and AP/Station. I want to know interval data, used pre-amble, etc. On my Androind 9 based phone iw dev wlan0 link or iw dev wlan0 station dump only returns basic info I can see in the UI already.

Is there some way I can get more exhaustive (but good human-readable) info about currently established wireless connection and its capabilities/specs?

(I do have root and terminal access)

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