I was using Pixel experience 10.0 on Redmi 5A (Riva) and I decided to clean install Pixel experience 11.0 today. But I'm getting the following error on TWRP.

Installing zip file '/sdcard/Pixel Experience Riva 11.0.zip'
Checking for Digest file...
assert failed: riva.verify_trustzone("TZ.BF.4.0.5-157266") == "1"
Updater process ended with ERROR: 1
Error installing zip file '/sdcard/Pixel Experience Riva 11.0.zip'
Updating partition details...

Note that:

  • I formatted the device with TWRP and wiped System, Dalvik, Data, Cache partitions.
  • I was using Pixel Experience before and my Bootloader is unlocked.
  • Previous version of the ROM (Pixel experience 10.0) is installing successfully.
  • My TWRP version is 3.4.0-0, and latest version of TWRP (3.5.0_9-0) doesn't support on the device.
  • wrong tz partition (and probably more)
    – alecxs
    Feb 10, 2021 at 7:52
  • How to fix it? Is it a problem of ROM?
    – user342571
    Feb 10, 2021 at 8:06
  • yes, underlaying stock ROM version mismatch. read the installation instructions
    – alecxs
    Feb 10, 2021 at 8:08
  • I did that already, but I think I had 7.1.1 way before. Do I have to install the stock ROM again?
    – user342571
    Feb 10, 2021 at 8:12
  • restore backup or install previous pixel version. or edit updater-script in zip file (remove the assert line)
    – alecxs
    Feb 10, 2021 at 8:23

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I fixed this by installing this zip. Then I installed the ROM.

Official guide link

Thanks @alecxs

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