I have purchased a pair of headphones which are cheap and too loud. Now when listening to media, there's ways to reduce their amplitude, and I've used ViPER and liked it's performance more than the built in AudioFX (which is now frozen through Lucky Patcher). I should mention that I've never needed audio balancers for apps, because those sounds can go quite low as required.

However, ViPER does nothing to the in call volume, the real thing I have a problem with. Maybe because calls are not processed as "multimedia sounds" and hence are not linked to "audio processing drivers"(?) All calls through the headphones are too loud to listen to.

Is there a way I could route audio from calls (and also any audio treated as call sounds, like that in Google Meet) to multimedia(?) drivers? I'm guessing that'd come at the cost of laggy performance on a 2GB RAM device. Can I toggle some other on call volume options instead? Maybe through code? I am a root user (obviously) and may be willing to use Terminal if it doesn't get too complex.

Thanks in advance.

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