I just flashed my Moto z2 force (xt1789 4) back to stock and upon booting I realized my IMEI is at 0, my mobile data will toggle on but wont actually turn on, and same for my WiFi. Bluetooth is functioning.

I used the most recent stock with a flashall, one I have used before without this dilemma, and the above was the result... I'm open to any advice.

  • On some devices device specific data is stored in a special partition. If you delete this partition IMEI and other data is no longer valid as you have encountered. Typically the only way to recover a device is to restore this partition form a backup (from this device or an identical device). But I am not familiar with your device. You should better search/ask in XDA developer forum that is specific for your device.
    – Robert
    Feb 14 at 11:16

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