I am using android mobile having android pie 9. When I play music and minimize app, it stop music. Even when I am use other option music stop playing. I want that music play in background when I use mobile.

  • Which app are you using? – Srinivas V Feb 15 at 18:04
  • It is default app on android pie 9 on nokia 2.2. It can play mp4. When I tap on music file it use file apps. – aliz lopaz Feb 16 at 9:44

As per the question, it doesn't look like the phone's default music player supports background play feature. You can use third-party apps like VLC Media Player to play music in the background (when minimized).

  • Yes it works with vlc player. But I want to know is there is setting for background music play on default player on android pie 9. – aliz lopaz Feb 18 at 8:47

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