Last time, I could simply copy the appstate.bin file to the new device, as described in this Q&A. But this time, either my backup is too old or something else changed. Copying that file has no visible effect.

However, I have synced my open tabs to Opera's servers. On my freshly reinstalled phone, I can still see the "tabs open on a different device" which is that same phone pre-reinstall. I can also view the list of open tabs on www.sync.opera.com/tabs.

How can I get all of them open on my phone again? I don't want to manually choose each one until the 1811 tabs are opened. It is also possible for me to view the same list in opera on desktop under opera://activity.

I have root access on my phone.

Seeing the number, I'm reconsidering whether I should even bother, since I will probably never look at most of those again. But I'm still curious if there is an easy way of restoring those.

The official opera forums don't sound like that feature exists.

When I right-click > save as on the opera sync website, I get the full list in a single line of html (without newlines). Each (I hope) entry is set up like this:

 <div><a class="Page_clickable__2tY0h" href="https://forum.xda-developers.com/oneplus-5/help/bluetooth-volume-defaults-to-maximum-t3641676/amp/" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer nofollow">
 <img class="Page_favicon__1jni8" src="https://www.sync.opera.com/tabs" alt="">
 <span class="Page_title__1tce_">Solved: Bluetooth volume defaults to maximum on each new connection | Android Development and Hacking</span>
 <span class="Page_url__3Wp3E">https://forum.xda-developers.com/oneplus-5/help/bluetooth-volume-defaults-to-maximum-t3641676/amp/</span></a><hr></div>

So if we knew how to automatically open the tabs on the phone given the URLs, extracting them should not be too hard.


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