I have multiple chrome html files on PC that are all linked together.

For example, there is a table of contents and if I click A it will then open the html file for A and this can be then used to go back to the table of contents or I can go to B).

However, putting all these files together on mobile (SAMSUNG S8+ Updated up to date) does not allow them to be connected no matter which web browser or html viewing application I try to use (Clicking to go to another page just gives an error saying the other html file cannot be found). Additionally, the images part of the html document do not seem to load on mobile despite being in the same folder still.

I am wondering if there is a way to have all of these files linked on android as it does on PC.



As being said by @Robert in the comment section,

Google has disabled the file:// protocol by default

Original Answer:

AFAIK on the latest Android, apps no longer can access internal storage. Which is Chrome will say access denied. Even if you try to open it by yourself with html viewer, it can only access just what you open excluding other files are linked.

Try to use HTTP server.


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    I assume you are referring to the "Scoped Storage in Android 11". But in this case I assume it is simply that Google has disabled the file:// protocol by default as it made it possible to browser and download files from the app-private directories. Not sure when this limitation was introduced.
    – Robert
    Feb 16 at 8:10

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