What could be the possible causes of KG (KnoxGuard) being Prenormal?

  1. We know that flashing unofficial binaries can do that.

  2. It is factory state due to probable Samsung policy change June 2020. https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/guide-17-06-2019-rmm-kg-bypass-root-install-twrp-on-exynos-samsung-after-2018.3747535/page-43#post-84311531

  3. Could flashing back official ROM from Android 10 to 9 (if possible particularly with Galaxy Tab S6 cause KG status to Prenormal?

Any other possibilities?

  • 4. This is normal that after every factory reset, KG Status will be PRENORMAL until you complete the initial setup and let Android to download and install emergency updates like Google Play Store. – David Mar 13 at 4:17

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