Does anyone know of any free apps that can control the Do Not Disturb based on Calendar events? I know this is built into Android OS10, but Samsung has removed that from their phones. I know of one app that should work but it does a lot of things I do not need and costs money for what was originally built in but removed by a second party.


You can try IFTTT, Automate, Macrodroid app and automate that. enter image description here

look given examples and try to create automation script for those calendar events.

  • It would be nice if you give full instructions for at least one of the recommended automation apps. It would enhance the effectiveness of your answer and would prevent others from making the same request as I have done here
    – Firelord
    Feb 26 at 9:14
  • Going through the options you listed in the order you mentioned them: IFTTT does work with Google Calendar but does not look to see if an event is busy or not, which is what I need. I did not see anything in Automate that would check Google Calendar for anything. MacroDroid allowed me to build what I wanted after a lot of digging to find the right categories. However, upon testing, it didn't seem to work. Do you have any suggestion that you have tried and can give specific directions for? Feb 27 at 6:11

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