I use my Android for everything driving (Waze, music, etc) and between that and my OEM MMI screen, I've got enough screens in my face while driving. I purchased a backup camera that connects via Wifi to my Android (Moto Z3, Android 9.0), but it only works if I turn off mobile data. Once mobile data is turned on, the camera stops working. I would like to leave the camera app receiving its signal all the time so that there's no lag time between switching to the app and seeing the feed, and so that I can record on it continuously as a rear dash-cam.

It seems that this question has been asked and I can find no answer for how to make it work. I am flabbergasted that we don't have the capability for this and other functionality (like, using a company intranet over a local wifi connection while maintaining internet access?). Anyway, if I cannot get the "use wifi for this app, cellular data for everything else" solution I want, I was considering using an older phone (Moto Z2 Android 8) as the dedicated wifi receiver for the camera. I'd love to have that dedicated phone stashed in a glove box or under the seat, and somehow just mirror or feed its camera displat to my dash-mounted Z3. Is there a way to do this with USB(C)<->USB(C) so that I don't have to give up the Bluetooth connection? Obviously, I wouldn't be able to connect the phones to each other via Wifi because the one phone would already be using its Wifi to talk to the camera.

Any other suggestions for how to keep my backup cam rolling with quick access to the feed from my dash-mounted, cellular data using z3 would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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