I have automated a production app (dont have control over it's source code) using appium but in an attempt to speed up this automation I would like to remove a dynamic animated element (with class android.view.Viewgroup) from UI which is slowing down the UI query response time. Preferably, a shell command using adb by specifying a UISelector query would be amazing!

Full disclosure: I dont fully understand the android UI model as well as I do say browser's DOM. And the ability to hide/remove an element on DOM in browsers is easy. However, android doesnt seem to support any straight forward API to remove a rendered UI element. I suspect this is because UI model is more closely linked to OS internals in android and any attempt to alter expected rendering behavior would trigger fatal errors.

In simple terms, I would like to replicate the browser's document.getElementById("ded").remove() behaviour for android's native view model.

Potential Solution
While not officially supported, I'm confident this can be achieved with View#setVisibility api using a rooted device and some form of code injection during runtime using frameworks like Xposed. I'm happy to check in at xda forum if discussing about it is not supported here.

I would greatly appreciate any insight into libraries/modules/apps that may already provide this functionality. Thank you in advance!

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