I use "click to call" from my phone often on phone numbers in my laptop browser (Chrome) and recently tried it from Gmail and Contacts tabs of Google apps. I even created a page to paste numbers in to use this function: https://craiglambie.com/ClickToCallForm.html

However this sends a link to call using Hangouts - when I want to use the mobile/cell phone to call usually.

Is there a way to disable the hangouts link, and make it a "normal" tel: link that the phone accepts?

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    Hi, I assume you want to fix the link from the laptop (Google Contacts web app), not on the phone? If so, Web Applications should be more suitable since it's more about manipulating the web page (e.g. using userscript), not Android. Let me know if you want this to be migrated to there. – Andrew T. Feb 25 at 14:40
  • Thanks Andrew - you are probably right. tbh I didn't notice I was in a "specialist" android community until after I posted, just thought it was vanilla SE. – Craig Lambie Feb 25 at 20:17
  • Could you please move this to "web applications"? @AndrewT. Thanks – Craig Lambie Mar 19 at 15:45
  • Done, I'll clean up my comments on there, you might want to too. – Andrew T. Mar 19 at 15:47
  • "click to call" is not a generally available built-in Google Contacts feature. Are you using a Chrome extension? Do you have a Google Voice phone number? How doe the link to call using Hangouts link look? Have you already tried to change the app used by Android to open links? – Rubén R Mar 21 at 22:43