I support an Android app, that uses native files. (multiple APKs) Some app setup is done on first startup, (which is different for 32bit + 64bit).

Recently I dealt with a bug report, caused by a users OS being upgraded from Android 7.1 to android 8.1. Surprisingly to me, the OS changed from 32bit to 64bit. I don't have direct contact with the user, so I don't know if this was the user manually upgrading the OS on a rooted device, or a standard OS upgrade.

Is this a normal thing that can happen for non rooted devices?


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I was wrong about what was happening.

I was using a C#/Xamarin call to determine the OS bitness : "Environment.OSVersion.VersionString" Which I mistakenly believed would tell me the os bitness rather than process bitness. (I was already using IntPtr.Size to determine process bitness)

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