Here's the scenario:

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Trying make the best of my old Gtab 10.1, android 4.4, to study. (He has died 3 years ago, resurrected this year) It's said that handwriting is better for learning, and i think digital is essential to keep. So I'm trying both, as this tablet has this handwriting keyboard (with pen), by getting a Cornell note in notion.so (over chrome, cause old Droid version)

The problem:

Given tab's big screen, and my lazyness, many times i also watch on it, on a pinned floating window. But pause/resume the video, get keyboard closed first, for loose focus of notes and gain focus on video, then a second tab to actually play/pause. Screen do resizes flikerig, a bad experience.

What I want:

Keep the keyboard always open taking it's space, able to type to nothing even, just like a fisical keyboard would. So not needing the focus checking, i can interact easily across the apps. Need some kind of configuration, root app/script. Or taking advantage of the pinnable app's windows feature.

Worth nothing that i would prefer that the solution could be turned on/off also. So can have the default behavior on simpler usage. A "close keyboard" option, if when open, it keep always open, would deal with this.

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