I reformatted my phone just to clear all the files that I had, specifically the music ones, Because every time I deleted files off my SD card, they somehow returned, and I had no idea how. I thought it was fixed when I reformatted my phone, but now I realised that every time I restart it, All the deleted music files including some other SD located files, returned.

Does anyone know this issue?

  • By "reformat" you mean an factory reset? Do you have apps active that synchronize files or music with some cloud storage? Are you sure the files really exist and are not "ghost entries" (are you able to play them)? – Robert Mar 7 at 13:27
  • @Robert yes I mean "Factory Data Reset", I am not sure of any cloud synchronization, When I reformatted my phone I made sure to not agree on any clouds or any backups. These are not ghost files, all work. Maybe it does have to do something with file synchronization, how do I check it to be certain? – Samuel Mar 7 at 13:51

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