How can I display two clocks in two different time zones in the notification bar? By default, only one time is displayed at the top left of the screen.

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You can achieve this using tasker Play Store Link and a plugin called Text Inject Xposed Repo Link you will need to be rooted and have Xposed installed.


  1. Setup a profile in Tasker that runs every 2 minutes. (Smallest interval)
  2. Set the task to Parse Format Date/Time
  3. Input should be Now.
  4. Output should be h:mm a z
  5. Formatted Variable Name set to whatever you want. Ex. %TimeOffset
  6. Offset should be set to Hours and set the amount of hours needed.
  7. Set a task to set TextInject Variable to the variable setup in previous task. Ex. TimeOffset = %TimeOffset
  8. In TextInject set statusbar time to #TimeOffset and parse as time Done

I found a better solution, but leaving my original answer in case someone wants to format the statusbar differently.

Using Xposed as well as before. There is a Module called xDualStatusClock which makes it very simple to just choose the timezone and it works. XDualStatusclock - http://repo.xposed.info/module/com.jukka666.xdualstatusclock


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