How can I display two clocks in two different time zones in the notification bar? By default, only one time is displayed at the top left of the screen.


You can achieve this using tasker Play Store Link and a plugin called Text Inject Xposed Repo Link you will need to be rooted and have Xposed installed.


  1. Setup a profile in Tasker that runs every 2 minutes. (Smallest interval)
  2. Set the task to Parse Format Date/Time
  3. Input should be Now.
  4. Output should be h:mm a z
  5. Formatted Variable Name set to whatever you want. Ex. %TimeOffset
  6. Offset should be set to Hours and set the amount of hours needed.
  7. Set a task to set TextInject Variable to the variable setup in previous task. Ex. TimeOffset = %TimeOffset
  8. In TextInject set statusbar time to #TimeOffset and parse as time Done

I found a better solution, but leaving my original answer in case someone wants to format the statusbar differently.

Using Xposed as well as before. There is a Module called xDualStatusClock which makes it very simple to just choose the timezone and it works. XDualStatusclock - http://repo.xposed.info/module/com.jukka666.xdualstatusclock


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