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Why is my device not utilizing all of its available RAM?

I have new problem with my Novo 7 Basic, Android 3.2, 8GB, 512 MB** RAM:

When I go into Tools -> System Info (have CPU, Display, Memory...) in Memory Info:

  • Total Mem 343.MB + Free Mem 36.048 MB (<512 MB RAM)
  • Inactive 94.496 MB

When I used : "Android Assitant app ", it shows my Memory info (RAM) is:

  • Used : 183,96MB
  • Free: 150,95MB

Total: 334.96 MB

"RAM Manager Free software ", it says that Memory info is:

  • MemTotal: 343.000 MB & MemFree: 7012 kB

But my tablet is supposed to have 512 MB of RAM. Please explain this to me (for any problems or errors). How do I activate the "inactive mem 94.496 MB"?


This memory is not inactive. It is reserved for the GPU and the radios (wi-fi, bluetooth etc.)

You cannot activate it because it's already in use.

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