I have an Android 2.3.6 phone.

The problem is the screen goes blank and unresponsive during or after the call.
I can't make or receive any call once the screen goes blank.
In Android 2.3.6, there is no proximity control.

If I do a missed call to my number, then the screen comes back.


The free app Screebl Lite will fix this problem with phone calls. However, it creates another annoying problem after installation - the screen won't shut off or standby without you physically tapping the phone's power button.

Tested on a Samsung Galaxy Proclaim, running Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread.


Yeah, just hit the power button. Your call won't terminate. It may have been meant to be intuitive, to save juice. I use Speaker a lot, and need to hit the power button to end a call.

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