Can we toggle between light and dark theme in Maps?

Maps has shown a message after a new update asking to choose between dark and light theme. After selection (dark, which was illegibly dark under daylight and especially sunlight, or maybe it's my presbyopia) the way to switch out of that without changing the whole system theme was to uninstall (downgrade) the app, update it and then chose the light theme when aforementioned message popped up again. My system theme is dark, and I want it that way, but I don't want dark for Maps, except maybe when it's really dark outside.

Maps 10.62.1 Android 10


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You can change it from settings (to access settings, tap on the icon with user initial/user profile icon, next to microphone), then theme, wherein the same dialogue pops up, that you had initially to choose a theme.

image of Google Maps app UI

image of Google Maps UI to toggle between dark and light themes

Tested on Android 10 & 11, Maps version 10.62.1


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