I’m trying to make a backup of my music playlists, that I've created using the Samsung Music app on my Samsung Galaxy A6 (Andriod 10). So far I’ve not been able to locate where these playlists are stored, and neither a way to extract them. Most forum questions about this problem either hold old outdated answers, or none at all.

Does anyone know a way to extract Music Playlists (preferably as a text file)? Or by using some app for it?



I still don’t know where the files are stored, but for others with same wish for text file-backups, the app: "Playlist Manager" can do the job.

It basically has a "Share A Playlist" function which allows you to share in text format.


I have been using Playlist Backup on older Androids, and it works well. It creates a text file for any playlist backedup and can be found in the "PlaylistBackup" directory. Please confirm if it works on newer phones.

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