A few months ago I got a new phone. After a bit, I tapped on the Calendar app, and it popped up with a supremely silly request: it wanted access to my contact list!

Now there's no good reason why an app should need my contacts in order to show me a calendar, so I denied the permission, figuring it would go on just fine without it. Apparently not; though! The app failed to launch, and ever since then, multiple times a day, it's been throwing notifications at me that the Calendar app needs me to go in and enable that permission.

Well, screw that! There is no conceivable reason why a calendar app could possibly require access to my contacts to run. To support certain features, perhaps, but to run at all? No. Just no. But it keeps spamming me with requests to enable it.

How do I make the notifications stop? It's a system app that I can't uninstall, but at this point all I want is to shut the thing up!

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    What is the device model? Not all Calendar apps behave like that, so without any more information, it's difficult to find the solution. Otherwise... try a 3rd-party Calendar app instead.
    – Andrew T.
    Mar 26 at 14:56
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    Even if it is a system app you should be able to clear it's app data and may be even disable the whole calendar app. BTW: What is the package name of the calendar app? On my system the calendar app is not a system app.
    – Robert
    Mar 26 at 14:56
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    OEMs suck, most of the times. That's why there's rooting and custom ROMs. Mar 26 at 16:00

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