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Aoson M19 — Need Device Drivers

Myself and a few others have an extra Aoson M19 android tablet on hand, but can't seem to find any USB device drivers for it. I assume this is because it isn't an overly popular tablet.

Does anyone know where some drivers could be found? Perhaps someone wrote their own?

I have already tried the Google drivers and the drivers providers listed on developer.android.com- please don't point me there.


  • Wow. That's not great for a company not to have publicly available drivers -- I guess it's one of those off-brand chinese tablets though, isn't it? Good luck, hope you can find them! – Kevin Coppock May 25 '12 at 15:37

For others who might encounter this problem, HERE is where I re-asked this question.

The solution is that you need to email the company at this address: techhelp@merimobiles.com

And you will be helped, supposedly. I will post back on whether this works for me.

UPDATE: No one ever responded to my email... Good luck other Aoson users.

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