I have official Huawei ROM installed on my U8800 (Android 2.3.5) and I want to try some custom ROMs like MIUI. So I researched and find out that I need to replace default recovery.img file in /.cust_backup/image with ClockWorkMod Recovery image file. After I replaced this file successfully tried to boot into Recovery using reboot recovery command (also tried pressing [VOL+]+[Power]) but my phone didn't flash CWM but started to reboot several times instead. After 2 or 3 reboots phone is starting normally without flashing CWM. Then I restored replaced recovery.img with my backed-up one and rebooted, default Recovery screen flashed with no problem. I used official CWM Recovery image ( for U8800 and some other unofficial CWM images for U8800. But none of them worked. I could neither solve this problem nor find another way to install my ROM Zip from SDCARD. Does anyone know what can I do to solve these?

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After trying a lot of different Recovery images finally one of them worked. CWM flashed successfully. People with the same problem can download the working recovery image file from this link

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