I run a shoutcast station for a small group of people. I would like the ability to broadcast to my server from my phone so that I could do live broadcasts away from home.

So far I have not found any software to do this, because searching only yields ten zillion results for streaming radio apps for listening, not broadcasting. Someone I asked tried to suggest that it was not possible to stream efficiently over a 3G connection, but frankly this is rubbish because I have streamed to my server from my laptop via a 3G stick before, and on my phone I have streamed audio and video to services like UStream etc.

Does anyone know of any software for android capable of broadcasting to a shoutcast server ? Thanks.


There is an app called BroadcastMySelf, but I will admit so far I have failed to broadcast. However it is the only app I have found so far so I am gonna keep trying.

  • Please provide a link to the app. – Flow Oct 31 '12 at 18:17

You can use TrackCast it's an android app works as a clinet for Shoutcast server, it can broadcast from your local tracks and online tracks, also it broadcasts your microphone.


BroadcastMySelf - I just purchased it and will be trying it out. The reviews seem positive for Shoutcasting to a single server.

  • This answer seems a little premature, not stating any information satisfying the requirements of the question. Can you share your experiences as it satisfies the original poster's question by filling out your answer some? Also, the answer by Neil seems to negate this, so how has this app changed to make this capable? – wbogacz Jun 19 '16 at 17:57

Yes, You can broadcast on Shoutcast by using the android app "Broadcastmyself". It has been tested successfully and found working excellent without any problem.

To broadcast on shoutcast, first you should have an account with Shoutcast service providers like

serverroom.net shouthost.com www.rcast.net internet-radio.com www.voscast.com caster.fm listen2myradio.com and many more. The serverrroom.net provides free service with low bitrate of 32 kbps. The service provider will give you login credentials details for the shoutcast server and the details should be entered and saved in the necessary fields in the app by tapping on the menu option on right top of the app. It has a very easy setup and you can broadcast live internet radio station by using your android phone.

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