i have ROG phone 5, chinese variant with global ROM.

i installed Asus Bootloader unlock app

which to no luck.

i tried to do it via fastboot using adb..tried the following commands

  • fastboot flashing unlock
  • fastboot oem unlock
  • fastboot oem asus-official
  • fastboot oem flashing unlock

most fail with commant not found except the first says (Remote: permission denied)

also tried to install via RAW install i found, system booted and was downgraded to an older version, however still the unlock app & fastboot methods do not work.

Appreciate your support

  • update, i found a factory firmware. which after i installed booted into very basic aosp android version. WARNING: this factory firmware erased device basic info such as IMEI, Serial No. now my device is basically useless. – user347059 Apr 23 at 20:42

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