Since last week I upgraded my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge from Samsung's stock firmware to LineageOS 18.1 by using this message of the XDA forum and installed the "full" edition of NicGApps. Since yesterday the camera does not always work, which is a behavior I never experienced on the stock Samsung firmware at all. When I open the camera app the screen is black. Also, when I change to the front facing camera. The only temporary solution is to reboot my device and everything works again.

During these two days, I rebooted my device three times, and that cannot be the intention. I tried this with several apps: OpenCamera, Footej Camera, the QR Code scanner of my banking app, all the same and as I wrote, after a reboot everything runs normal again. Does someone know a permanent solution?

  • When using an unofficial LineageOS version bugs like the one you describe can appear. Please report it in the XDA forum thread where you got the ROM from so that the ROM developer is aware of it and may be is able to fix it. Here we can do nothing to help you. – Robert Mar 30 at 7:00
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    Thank you! I just posted the same question here – JonathanC Mar 30 at 8:50
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    Looks like you're not alone... the post by Damjan94 on Mar 26 also mentioned this: "When videocalling with facebook, or discord, after 30 mins, or so, the camera stops responding, and both apps + provided camera app are only able to open a video stream for a second, before throwing an error that the camera couldn't be opened(discord and facebook just fail quietly)... a reboot fixes the camera, and it works fine for another 30 or so minutes." – Andrew T. Mar 30 at 10:15
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    ... and browsing back the thread, there were some more reports about the camera issues. – Andrew T. Mar 30 at 10:27
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    Yes, everything works stable now – JonathanC Apr 2 at 10:01

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