Here we are, I have a Sony Xperia z5 dual. I do not want to use flash tools and lose my data. The problem is that my phone starts and when it tries to load android it turns itself off and the red LED starts to flash several times. The problem might be one of these 2:

1-phone is hot then the phone shut itself off before start (it may not be the case cause I cooled it down and still have the same problem). I also notice that the phone gets hot very fast when I connect it to the charger and a boot loop starts, but I doubt if it is the normal heat problem of Sony phones or something about heat problem prevent my phone to start.

2-Recently my phone got full and reached the status which the memory got zero, so I had to clean some files. It may be the androids difficulty that when face zeroes storage and tries to load the app, but as the memory is full it crashes for this reason.

so my solution would be to find a way to clean some space without turning the phone on.

p.s. I read all related topics and could not find any solution, please do not deactivate this question before approval for a solution. (Xperia models have different procedures for boot and recovery.)

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