I wanted to run an app on emulator (on ANdroid 4.4 (API Level 19)) but the app has minSDKVersion 24 (I found out using aapt command).

So, is it possible that we can change the minSDKVersion of an apk whose source code is not available, so that I can run the repackaged version of an app in the older devices, even though device doesn't support?

If yes, then how we can do it as there is no trace in the Android Manifest.xml file w.r.t minSDKVersion for this app (All we have is the targetSDKVersion and the compileSDKVersion)?

How aapt figures out the minSDKVersion of an apk even when there is no attribute like minSDKVersion in the Android Manifest.xml file?

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    You can try, but usually an Android developer only sets the minSDKVersion to such a high value (Android 7) if the app uses features that are only available on Android 7+. – Robert Mar 31 at 14:13

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