I want to mine sugar on my Android phone. Can someone help a simple complete script, especially to complete method 1 or 2, whichever works.


Installed F-Droid and Termux


pkg install automake clang git vim
press y to continue

clone git https://github.com/decryp2kanon/sugarmaker

When it's done, I enter

$ cd sugarmaker/
-/sugarmaker $ ./autogen.sh

it says

bash:  no such file or directory


These two methods I tried each of them on both phones. On method 2, when I get here, it keeps saying error on Huawei Y Pro phone and Huawei P20 Lite.

pkg update
press y to continue

pkg upgrade
press y to continue

pkg install git

pkg install wget
press y to continue

pkg install proot
press y to continue

git clone http://github.com/Neo-oli/termux-ubuntu.get

The problem start here on P20 Lite

-$ cd termux-ubuntu
-/termux-ubuntu $ ./ubuntu.sh

It says decompressing Ubuntu image, but this does not look like a trz archive.

Making start Ubuntu executable. You can now launch Ubuntu with ./start-ubuntu.sh script.

And it shows code 404 like the link to the image is not working also.

  • The script you are using is a bit old, it is trying to install Ubuntu 19.04 (Disco Dingo) which is a non-LTS version. Therefore support for this version ended in January 2020 and the download image was removed which makes your installer script useless.
    – Robert
    Apr 5 '21 at 11:37

Here is the ubuntu.sh, you get an error because the disco image has been removed and the following URL doesn't download anything:


Check the available images from this directory. Edit the ubuntu.sh by adding a valid URL. Here is an example using focal Codename. Replace the following line:

 wget "https://partner-images.canonical.com/core/disco/current/ubuntu-disco-core-cloudimg-${archurl}-root.tar.gz" -O $tarball


wget "https://partner-images.canonical.com/core/focal/current/ubuntu-focal-core-cloudimg-armhf-root.tar.gz"  -O $tarball

or using the archurl variable:

wget "https://partner-images.canonical.com/core/focal/current/ubuntu-focal-core-cloudimg-${archurl}-root.tar.gz"  -O $tarball

Then run your script it should work as expected.

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