I made an outbound call to a business today and the caller ID displayed was that of a completely unrelated business in a different geographical location (so would have a different (UK) area code).

Does Google perhaps pull this data from business profiles on the search engine and how can I report the inaccuracy?


Phone by Google app (which is the default Phone app on Google devices) uses data from Google and its licensors.

In the Caller ID setting (Settings - Caller ID & spam), Google put a disclosure,

Data being used in these features is provided by Google and its licensors. Learn more about business listings data.

The listed licensors are:

  • France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Israel, Luxembourg, Monaco, and Morocco: Kapitol S.A. (trading as Infobel) (the "Infobel Content")
  • Brazil: TeleListas S/A
  • Turkey: Turkey Yellow Pages (Yellow.com.tr)
  • Kenya: Yellow Pages Kenya Ltd (www.yellow.co.ke)
  • Egypt: Egypt Yellow Pages Limited (yellow.com.eg)
  • Saudi Arabia: Al Wahda Express Saudi Arabia (www.daleeli.com)
  • Bulgaria: New Europe Directories Bulgaria EOOD (www.goldenpages.bg)
  • Norway: Digitale Medier 1881 AS (www.1881.no)
  • Italy: SEAT Pagine Gialle SPA (www.paginegialle.it)
  • Republic of Ireland: Central Index (www.centralindex.com) and YourLocal.ie, trading names of Touch Local Ltd
  • Czech Republic: Zlaté Stránsky (ZlateStransky.cz)
  • India: INFOMEDIA Yellow Pages (www.yellowpages.co.in) and/or IndiaCom (www.indiacom.com)
  • New Zealand: Finda
  • Slovenia: Monolit informacijski sistemi d.o.o
  • Taiwan: HongKu Info Co. Ltd. www.ipeen.com.tw

It is also mentioned that

If you know that your business listing is supplied by [...] and you have any questions about it, you should contact them directly.

For data provided by Google, it should be possible to report them by finding the related business listing first, then following the steps on Edit business information in Google Maps or Report data or content errors on Google Maps.


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