Wacom Tablets are very expensive. I cannot afford it. I have right now Samsung Tab S6 Lite. I usually draw in Ibis Paint X with S Pen. I want to use different apps like Paint Tool SAI as it is not available in Android and I am bored working with the Ibis Paint. Can Samsung tablets change like Wacom tablet in the way that it connects to the laptop and I can use my tablet for this?! If anyone knows about the process please Can you tell me how to connect and which cable wire I have to connect with? I hope you reply me because I HAVE THIS CRAZY WISH


The answer is a combination of YES and NO. You can use your android tablet to simulate a secondary display, and control it using the touchscreen. Twomon (http://www.easynlight.com/en/twomonusb/) is a software that I personally use to connect my tablet to my computer as use it as a secondary display. Twomon works over USB, so you don't need any additional hardware adapters to get it working.

However, graphic tablets, like Wacom are built for precision drawing, and general-purpose tablets are not. So, I am not sure that this makeshift solution would be as effective as a Wacom (or other) graphic tablet.

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