fastboot oem off-mode-charge 0 is the genuine method to automatically power on Android when the charger is connected. To be clear, it skips the screen where a charging battery is displayed. Not all OEMs/vendors implement the command in bootloader. Or on some devices it's reset on next reboot. If off-mode-charge is disabled, bootloader won't pass androidboot.mode=charger commandline parameter to kernel when charger is inserted, so device boots normally.

I have tested this command on a few devices and so far only the Nexus 4 device allows it. I need to buy a couple of devices where this command is working.

I you have tried on your device and it works, please give me your exact model.

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  • i don't think the year does matter – alecxs Apr 13 at 8:30
  • Well I need to buy a device today. The answer from 5 years ago doesn't work on modern devices. Thank you for nothing. – Pascal Ganaye Apr 16 at 18:35