Since the last two versions of Chrome available in the Google Play Store, one from March 12 and the other from April 13, the update process sort-of removes Chrome from the phone:

  • Chrome icon is removed.

  • Chrome disappears from the the application menu.

  • Chrome is still shown in the Google Play Store under Installed Apps only has an Uninstall button (no Open).

  • In the Settings > Applications menu, the updated version of Chrome is listed but can only be uninstalled too.

This is happening on the same Moto G5 Android phone I have been using for years and every Chrome update until March 2021 worked without issues. I tried a few times by uninstalling (which reverts to the stock version) Chrome and doing the update from various intermediate versions bu the last two suicide every time the update!

What is going on there? Does that mean the hardware is too old to support these Chrome releases? The Moto G5 is running on Android 7.0 with security patch May 2017 and no System Updates are offered.

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