Several times a day my Android phone (Samsung Galaxy A51, Android 11) is showing this toast

We're having trouble connecting. Check your network connection and try again.

If I stay offline this toast will return every few minutes. How can I find out which app is posting these toasts. And most importantly how do I get rid of them? Long-pressing the toast doesn't show anything.


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You can use Android's adb tool:

adb shell uiautomator events

Make sure you have USB Debugging enabled on your device. Connect your device to a computer and open a terminal to run the above adb command.

Running this command will dump out system events - you will get a LOT of information.

For example, here's a Toast I created by setting an alarm with the Clock app:

11-27 16:31:32.510 EventType: TYPE_ANNOUNCEMENT; EventTime: 6865213; PackageName: com.google.android.deskclock; MovementGranularity: 0; Action: 0 [ ClassName: android.view.ViewGroup; Text: [Alarm set for 15 hours and 59 minutes from now.]; ContentDescription: null; ItemCount: -1; CurrentItemIndex: -1; IsEnabled: true; IsPassword: false; IsChecked: false; IsFullScreen: false; Scrollable: false; BeforeText: null; FromIndex: -1; ToIndex: -1; ScrollX: -1; ScrollY: -1; MaxScrollX: -1; MaxScrollY: -1; AddedCount: -1; RemovedCount: -1; ParcelableData: null ]; recordCount: 0

Note the app in question is listed under PackageName as com.google.android.deskclock;. This should give you a good idea which app the Toast has originated from.


You could use the Toast Source app for that. It not only integrates the app icon and name with each toast message (first screenshot below), but also gives you a history of toasts you received and which app sent it:

Toast Source Toast Source History
Toast Source (source: Google Play; click images for larger variants)

Quite privacy friendly it doesn't even require the Internet permission (so no ads either). But as it uses accessibility services, it's unclear whether it will survice Googles current purge.


Using the Toaster app I found out that the toasts were coming from SmartThings app. I have no idea what this app is for and I'm certainly not using it. In the settings I managed to uninstall it and I assume this will stop it from spamming me with toasts.

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