I have a rooted Android 9 device that has a couple of user-installed CA certs installed that I'd like to extract. When I open Settings -> Security -> Encryptions & Credentials -> Trusted Credentials there's a Root CA that I can view the details for, but it doesn't provide any information where it's stored on the filesystem. There's also one in User Credentials (not the user tab inside trusted credentials) that I'd like to extract.

The certs were installed by an app that requested root permissions, so I've grepped /system/etc/security/ for both the issuer and serial assuming they'd be there but do not see any relevant matches. /data/misc/keychain/certs-added does not seem to have any certs.

How do I extract these certs?

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    System certificates which are bundled with the OS are stored in /system/etc/security/cacerts/. User installed certs are in /data/misc/user/[USER_ID]/cacerts-added/. USER_ID for device owner is 0. Apr 21 at 4:08
  • Thanks, I found it, just not sure how to import a .0 file
    – user348647
    Apr 22 at 7:50

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