Such a situation:2 smartphones have the same app and they are in the same bluetooth range. Can the app detect proximity between 2 devices over bluetooth if bluetooth is turned off on 2 devices

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    If Bluetooth is off on both devices how should they communicate?
    – Robert
    Apr 25 at 15:59
  • @Robert I don't know. I read somewhere that for example NFC can communicate in such a way. Apr 25 at 17:24
  • It won't communicate with Bluetooth.
    – defalt
    Apr 25 at 18:09
  • @Jacewerlock using NFC two devices can exchange some data but they have to be very close to each other. The maximum distance is usually about 15 cm and the amount of data that can be transmitted is very small (a few hundred bytes?). And for NFC it is the same as with Bluetooth if NFC is disabled one one device communication will fail.
    – Robert
    Apr 25 at 20:34
  • Sorry but your question is unclear, what do you mean by "this way"?
    – Robert
    Apr 26 at 9:36

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