What are the adb commands to perform the following action sequence in TWRP: First click Wipe, then Swipe to Factory Reset, enter yes?

TWRP documentation

The interface shows the wipe>Swipe to Factory Reset>yes however, the TWRP documentation does not seem to show/discuss this option.


I am aware of the adb commands for the set of actions that select Wipe the Advanced Wipe and selecting

Dalvik ART Cache
Internal Storage

however they seem to be a different set of actions than the Wipe>Swipe to Factory Reset>yes. Similarly, the set of Wipe>Format Data>yes actions is also different than the Wipe, then Swipe to Factory Reset, enter yes sequence.

  • Yes based on empirical testing, it seems to me that the adb twrp wipe data corresponds to Wipe>Avanced Wipe>Select Data, and not Wipe>Swipe right to Factory Reset>yes. Similarly, the adb twrp format data command seems (to me) to be equal to the Wipe>Format Data>yes command, and not equal to the Wipe>Swipe right to Factory Reset>yescommand.
    – a.t.
    May 10 '21 at 8:14

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