I installed the Kingo Root (aka KingoRoot) APK on my Android device and launched the app. My phone was on airplane mode and I saw the screen

Kingo ROOT

Please make sure your network connection is stable and try again.

What exactly beyond the app itself does the app need to root the device that requires network access?

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    thx but this is common sense, furthermore such rooting methods are long outdated meanwhile ;) – alecxs May 16 at 9:04
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    I once rooted a device using Kingo Root. It installed a ton of extremely sketchy and borderline malicious adware. Would not recommend. Use Magisk if you can unlock your bootloader. – Nonny Moose May 16 at 20:55
  • I was following along with this guy's tutorial Windows--Android Acquisition using ADB, root, ncat and DD – jxramos May 17 at 16:44

Not sure entirely, but this may be the reason why

KingoRoot was banned from the XDA Developers forum along with vRoot in November 2013 due to concerns with the information collected by the app during the rooting process.


Ragnar (Retired Forum Moderator) Nov 6, 2013 at 3:02 PM

Be aware that as of this moment XDA has deemed the Kingo root method and Vroot method are not allowed on XDA. There are concerns with the information which is collected during the root method by the exploit. It is not about a continuous malware which may affect your device but about important information shared about your device, serial numbers etc during the root process which could be huge securities issues.

You have all been warned

Thread closed. If you have any questions regarding this please contact myself or any other moderator via PM


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    It also installs adware lol – Ray Wu May 17 at 0:28

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