I have Family Link control over my daughter. Now, we bought her a new Android phone. The phone is under her own account we created on Google. Now, we have installed WhatsApp. But when we go to backup options in WhatsApp trying to backup the WhatsApp data to her Google account, WhatsApp comments that this cannot be done. I suspect it is due to the Family Link.

After approving all apps for her with zero limitations, I still cannot back up WhatsApp data to her Google account.

How to solve such an issue?

  • Could you add to this post the error's screenshot?
    – Jorge Luiz
    May 24, 2021 at 12:32

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WhatsApp backs the data up to a Google Drive account and I don't think Family Link accounts for under-13 accounts allow Google Drive. So, that might be why WhatsApp fails to back up the chat history.

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