i have a Mi Max 1 2016 model Everything was fine until A month ago i replaced my display After that the phone used to hang for6-7 seconds only when i quit apps and games high gps ones So i checked CPU-Z the cores show 4 working out of 6 Also before i cud see all 6 working when i used to play PUBG mobile Now its always 4 cores working also CPU load hits 90% What causes this? Also GPU load shows 0% always even if i play Games like Clash of clans here is a screenshot of the CPU-Z info

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    May be you damaged the cooling system and now the two "BIG" (fast and hot) cores overheat too fast and only the 4 "little" cores (slower but cooler) are left? But that is just a wild guess.
    – Robert
    May 25 at 15:43

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