I have a Google Pixel 4a running Android 11, and I haven't been able to open any links in Chrome by tapping them. On my old Android 9 phone, I was able to tap/select a URL, and there was an option to open the URL in Chrome. I used this feature heavily when opening links from my email client.

Chrome is set as my default browser. In the app permissions for Opening Links, Chrome's option to open supported links is greyed out. The option to open supported links is also greyed out for all other web browsers.

Interestingly, if I select the first part of a link, like https://www.example.com, there is an option to open the URL in Chrome. But if I select the full link, like https://www.example.com/abc, then the option to open in Chrome disappears.

Screenshot for selecting partial link:

Screenshot for selecting full link:

My phone is rooted.


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Go to settings, apps, Chrome, there's a menu "browser app", where you may change the default browser from webview to Chrome.

This is probably related to the recent change to Webview. Google has decided that opening links with a generic chromium browser without any stored user information is more convenient for the user.

  • Thank you for your answer. What I have ended up doing is just tapping "Web search" when I select a URL. I set the default browser to Chrome as you mentioned, and tapping "Web search" opens the URL in Chrome.
    – arandano
    Oct 3, 2021 at 3:42

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