When I'm browsing on my computer, I can press CTRL-W or click the X on a tab to close it. That's convenient. But it seems Chrome for Android has no similar function.

To close the current tab on Android, I need to click the "tabs" icon which brings up all tabs. This often takes 10-60 seconds on my phone because there is anything between 100-3000 tabs open/cached there, and it seems very unnecessary.

Is there another way to close the current tab without first loading all the tabs?

  • Obviously this is not the answer to your question, but I would suggest closing some tabs. If you have 3000 of them, there's no time-efficient way you could get to tabs far off in the stack (not to mention having to visually find them!), so there's no point in having them. Jun 11 at 2:25

Long press the tab number next to the 3 vertical dot, a menu will appear. Select Close tab.

enter image description here

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