one Sony bluetooth headset ( and that's not the only one there are some other branded ones as well with the same behaviour ) will perfectly connect to a mobile phone ( AT &T ) with both profiles ( phone call & media playback ) & the same Bluetooth headset connects to another phone (T-mob) but in the latter , only media playback works. it says its connected to phone call profile but matter of fact sound from an incoming call doesn't transmit to the headset. the same holds true for zoom meeting or Skype.On the other hand my plantronics Bluetooth headset will connect perfectly to both mobile phones. On my AT&t phone 📞 I have a custom GSI ROM & am magiskally rooted
why this strange behavior ? one headset 2 mobile phones and separate behaviors, and how to mend this faulty Bluetooth behaviour
what I did so far
I looked up this issue a little and being rooted change audio XML files but to no avail.
tinkered with Bluetooth options in developer mode - no change
followed other suggestions made on XDA
and it's all futile

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